Monday, December 12, 2011

Bonnie's Vintage Trailer Redo!

"Want to come to my Trailer Trash party?" was the question I was confronted with one day by my friend, Bonnie Rosser.  My first thought was "Are we going to be eating possum?" but it was quickly answered when Bonnie explained how she throws "Trailer Trash" parties to display and sell her vintage western home decor!  "Sounds like fun! What can I bring?"  I decided to bring a dessert - a cake.

I arrived with my cake in hand and was warmly greeted as Bonnie showed me in, and then presented the "Trailer Trash" feast:  margaritas, cheese curls, vienna sausages, potato chips, and the grand daddy of them all - SPAM!  The rest of the guests arrived, we grabbed the food and heading out to the trailer for the party. 

Bonnie had found an old Streamline trailer, talked the owner into selling it to her and then undertook remodeling and decorating the interior of the trailer in a vintage 1950's western theme.   The original oven, sink and banquettes from the seventies helped Bonnie determine the color scheme of turquoise and red.  Bonnie painted the rest of the cabinets to match the oven color.

 The food was set on the table in the 'banquette' part of the trailer. Bonnie restored the original turquoise vinyl ulpholstory on the bench seats and found a folding table from Ballard Design which allows her to use the space in different configurations.  Bonnie stores some of her vintage western merchandise inside the banquette seats between shows.

The window above the banquette is dressed in window coverings designed and made by Bonnie.  The shelf above is dotted with conchos all attached by hand and houses Bonnie's collection of personal favorite Roy Rogers' memorabilia on a daily basis, and serves as a display shelf when she is selling her wares.

 The pair of child's Roy Rogers boots are one of her prize finds!

The custom curtains were designed and made by Bonnie out of turquoise leopard print, vintage western fabric and large cotton fringe.

 The vintage chandelier is suspended above the banquette - Bonnie painted the canopy a bright red to go with her color scheme.

 Zane Gray books are clustered together and held in place by two vintage horse head bookends designed by Gladys Brown. 

A vintage Roy Rogers rider toy sits atop the shelf displaying collectibles.
The sconces flanking the banquette were designed and Bonnie hired a Cal Poly graduate, Jessica Kong, to give the horse head's a custom "Trigger" paint job!  Boonie added the conchos to the shelf herself.

 The longhorn cabinet hardware is just one of many special details!

Conchos also embellish the mirror Bonnie installed, with a longhorn head centered over all.  You can see a reflection of the bed and curtains on the opposite wall.

The bedspread is a vintage cotton spread Bonnie found in Gilette, Wyoming, when her daughter, Linsay, was competing at the National High School Rodeo Finals.  The guitar is another vintage piece Bonnie purchased at the Sacramento Antique Fair.

The bedroom counter displays an vintage western scarf under glass.  Bonnie added the beaded fringe to her curtains.  A vintage bottle cap belt is lined up at the front of the counter and is a fun touch!

This cabinet is adorned with a vintage toy fence panel.

Bonnie sells vintage western themed collectibles out of her trailer including this Sky Ranch platter.  Other merchandise includes: Wallace China, Monterey Ware, Siesta Ware, vintage enamel ware, Gladys Brown bookends, horses and other western memorabilia to name a few!


Candy cigarettes fill a vintage vase with steer roping detail.

 All the Rosser's are involved with rodeo in one way or another so the vintage western theme was a natural choice and it is where Bonnie's love lies. The repurpose and remodel was a two year labor of love and Bonnie's attention to detail is evident in every niche of the charming space.

 The color scheme continues to the outside with special sidewall tires rimmed in turquoise.

 The "Happy Trails" propane tanks were custom painted and the family brand was painted on the trailer.

Keep track of Bonnie on her Facebook page, Trailer Trash: Old Timey Trash and Treasures of the Old West.  Bonnie just joined "Sisters on the Fly" and no doubt will have many adventures in her tricked out trailer! This sassy gal, another of Bonnie's vintage finds, sits waiting for visitors - so until then - Happy Trails to You!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Great Job!

  2. Too bad she isn't creative.....What a great job she is doing and you too. Fun to read! Posey


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