Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lipstick Gypsy's Vintage Trailer!

Step on into Lipstick Gypsy's vintage trailer - the Tin Gypsy!  
Last spring, at the Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show
Lipstick Gypsy had yet to 'reveal' her vintage trailer redo on her blog, 
so I promised I wouldn't post my pictures until her big reveal. 
 I'm glad I waited - the redecorating is complete and wow!

Robin Krall, aka Lipstick Gypsy, hauls her vintage 1965 trailer 
from Idaho to various shows throughout the country in order to sell her wares, 
some of which are these hand dyed and designed shabby slip dresses. 
I was lucky enough to catch up with her at the fall
 Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show in Roseville last week. 
As you enter the trailer, the attention to detail grabs you and pulls you in!  Robin tells me she's "always been a 'NESTER' and my surroundings are of utmost importance to me!"

 Just look at all the little touches -
 the wallpaper inserts on the cupboard doors, the vintage mirrors,
 the pink magazine racks, the beaded light shade, 
the vintage artwork of roses and dogs!

 As you turn, the banquette comes into view -
Robin says she "LOVES to create environments and set a tone of comfort for a space."
 She does it well!  I just want to settle in here for a cup of tea and relax with "mes amis"! 
Or read a romance novel under that crystal chandelier with a box of bon bons!!   

I turn again to take in the next wall -
 the homemade curtains flutter underneath the lovely scroll hooks,
 and why not have pink ostrich feathers in your blingy boots?!

Turning back to the 'kitchen' the tole tray sits waiting.
A beautiful towel rack is not too good for this trailer!
And do you see that backsplash? Vintage tin!

 Stunning! All beautiful vintage pink stoves should have oval mirrors behind them!
A pink dog sits on watch under the pink hood - and check out the match holder!
Roses appear everywhere - so romantic . . .

 But please, don't linger too long once you are inside!
There are lots of people waiting outside to get a look as the "Tin Gypsy" is notorious!
The Tin Gypsy started as a contractor's "job shack" - a place for the builders and contractors to meet and go over plans with Robin's husband while they were building their home.
 The trailer sat for while after they moved in and Robin says she
 used to "look out the office window and pity the poor little neglected gem"! 
Robin's husband traded it to her cousin for a hunting trailer 
but it was never picked up and Robin decided that no one could love 
the trailer more than she did, so the restoration of the Tin Gypsy began!

It was a labor of love.   
"Tin Gypsy really told me what she wanted and it was a seamless restoration . . . 
BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS . . . but Seamless:)"!
 No doubt you'll feel the love of all things vintage 
when you come upon her 'Tin Gypsy' and/or booth at any show! 

 How to find the "Tin Gypsy" at a show?  
Look for gorgeous dream catchers made from vintage doilies hanging around -

and PINK! Look for lots of pink, and lace, and feathers, and delightfully vintage goods!

So grab your boots and head out to San Luis Obispo, CA on 
October 19 - 21st to catch up with Lipstick Gypsy! 
She'll be a vendor at the wonderful Remnants of the Past show 
at the infamously PINK Madonna Inn Expo Center!  

And if you're lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of her shabulous "Tin Gypsy" trailer!
Thanks Robin for sharing your story and trailer with all of us!
Visit Lipstick Gypsy's blog and online store here!

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