Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before and After: Vintage Double Bed

This vintage bed was a cherished designer piece decades ago.  A friend's teenage children worked at a consignment store in the East Bay area and they grabbed it while at work one day.  It served it purposed well while my friend's daughter attended the University of Nevada-Reno but was surrendered to me when she graduated,
to see if I could give it new life and purpose.

 The rounded foot board gives it classic styling and the groove along the top of both the head board and foot board adds some extra detail. But the front was still pretty plain and I decided it needed some embellishment.

So I set out looking for the perfect piece that would fit the arch on both the head and foot boards.  This was no easy task since the curve of the headboard was a bit more gradual than the curve on the foot board.  After numerous trial and errors trying to find two identical pieces to fit, (and a small fortune!) I realized I was going to need to different pieces. 

The bed needed lots of sanding to get the old cracked varnish off, and then a couple coats of primer to make sure none of the stain that had been used previously would come through when I gave it a new coat of antique white.  The embellishments really added that extra flourish to make this bed a standout piece.

Sanding between coats of paint kept the paint nice and smooth.  Next I distressed it to accent the curved lines and the details, which is hard to see in this picture!  Finally, I sanded, primed, and painted the wood side rails.  This double bed is now ready for a new life in a new shabby chic, cottage, country or french themed room!

I moved it into my space at Melange and topped it with a new bed canopy from Pottery Barn to really draw attention to it!  I strung one of my "Princess" banners across the canopy to set the stage!  I absolutely love this bed!   It is so much fun to see the excitement something I have worked on so hard brings to our customers.  It is going to be hard to part with it but I love it when a customer loves something as much as I do.
I know it will be cherished once again.


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  1. Your bed turned out beautiful! I love the wood pieces you added. I will tell you how I put my name on my photos. I am sure there are other ways in other software. I use Picasa 3. I open my picture to edit and click the Basic Fixes tab. The I choose the text button. Here you will have a choice of font, size, alignment, color, and transparency. Once you get it how you want it on the photo hit apply. That's it. I have used several different software programs to edit pictures and Picasa is my favorite, free and very user friendly. If you have a different software like Photoshop, you can find tutorials on Youtube to do anything on Photoshop. I am teaching my self Photoshop for the more advanced editing by this method. Thanks for coming by. I am loving that photo in your header. What an amazing house and I love that woody driving down the road, timeless!

  2. I love this style bed..and you did a great job on it.
    I just signed up to follow...come by when you can.:)

  3. Your bed is gorgeous! I love that you added a little extra flourish to embellishment it even more.


  4. Your bed is absolutely dreamy! Love the embellishments! They make is absolutely perfect! Happy White Wednesday! Drop by for a visit when you get a chance.

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  5. Oh, what a fabulous job you did on that bed!!! Worth all that effort I'm sure. I love how it is white now.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my girl's bday party. Hope you get those granddaughters someday!
    - Susan

  6. Gorgeous!!!....nice to meet u....come on by for a visit....

  7. Gorgeous bed....love it! Coming over from 2nd time around to say hello! xoxo, tracie

  8. I am your newest follower. Hope you can hop on by my blog. You did a wonderful job on the bed, love the color you used.


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