Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mystery Object: Help!

Ok - I've been a little busy lately and fell behind on my blogging but I have many posts in the works so stay tuned!  But until then. . . I made my monthly trek to the Sacramento Antique Fair Sunday with newbies Sandy and Ashley 
and came home with quite a few treasures and one mystery item!
First - here are the treasures!!

This dainty little flower cart will be put to good use for display at my next affair!

How could I resist this charming pillow - 
the little dog's face captures the thrill of that first catch!

These vintage bottles lured me with their jewel tones shining in the sunlight of the morning!

 Pitchforks in good shape are hard to find since they are one of the workhorse tools on a farm - I had to get this for my husband - not sure where we will hang it but I will take a picture and post it when I do!

        This was Ashley's first time to the Antique Fair under the freeway in Sacramento! 
I love this picture because you can really see it truly is under the bridges of the freeway. Check out those vintage suitcases!  I could go crazy . . 

Now who's in on guessing what the mystery item is? 
Here it is!  The girl I bought it from said she used it to store her paints and brushes with her brushes in the center section and the paints all thrown in the outside portion! 
What do you think it is?  Leave me a comment below with your guess.
It will be fun to see what other readers think!
Have a great Tuesday - and remember to Cherish Everyday!


  1. Maybe it's a country chip and dip holder and you have to put a little bowl in the middle?!

  2. Lori took my idea!!! Good one :) But maybe it's a holder for dried flowers. The tall center and focal point of the arrangement goes in the middle, and lots of pretty petals or small flowers go all around on the outside. Maybe? Hmm....do you know what it's for?

  3. I ♥ the flower cart!!! How fun to have such neat flea markets. The good ones are very few and far between here. I hit the Springfield Flea in the spring and fall for their extravaganzas- other than that, I just find small shows like the one I was at last week in Indiana. :-) sue


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