Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show

  Every spring and fall, the flea markets of France come to Roseville, California by way of the Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show!  "Mes Amis" means "My Friends" in French and that is exactly what the vendors become throughout your day of shopping.

Vendors from near and far arrive and set up gorgeous booths! One of my favorites is "Lipstick Gypsy" who brings a vintage trailer all decked out in shabby chic decor - all the way from Idaho! (See pictures of her trailer in my next blog post!) The pheasant perched among so many vintage treasures, looks like he's about to eat from the vintage feeder above.

There were so many beautiful garden plants in vendor booths.  Live plants were nestled in vintage pots and old farm supplies, giving me lots of planting ideas, as well as ideas on how to use some of these great vintage finds!

I love to go first thing in the morning.  The sun's rays shine through the stacks of vintage wares spotlighting things to catch my eye.

The fall show brings lots of pumpkins interspersed among the treasures . . .

. . . as well as a few guests who waited a long time for the show to start!  
This pair welcomed guests to Burlap and Bees booth. 

I love how Lisa and Heather of Burlap and Bees, made this vignette of masked marvels!

Two tree lined city blocks welcome visitors with vendors hand picked by host Sandy Bryan. One of these vendors is a mutual friend, Annette Eagle, who created the beautiful necklace you see here, creatively displayed on angel statuary.

As well as writing her blog, The Olive and Rose, and creating this beautiful jewelry above, Sandy also hosts the Mes Amis Show. She has brought together a group of her friends (thus the moniker 'Mes Amis'!) she has met through the years attending craft shows and flea markets from around California and beyond.

 So many talented and creative people in one spot 
makes for an amazing shopping experience!
Recognize that bin under the sign?!
I love the way "The Red Door" incorporated white and green pumpkins into their booth!

 Look how cute this little white pumpkin is that they tucked into a rusty file cabinet drawer?!
That bit of white just pops against the dark, 
and the added grass makes you think it just grew there!

Rusty objects aren't the only kind of metals you'll see here.
 Mary Salabar of Glorie, arranged this glittering display of vintage silver pieces!

And look at Mary's multitude of gorgeous frames - the interplay of texture between the iron piece and wood just draws you into her booth.  If you missed the show, Mary also has a space at The Antique Trove

 It was great meeting new vendors Ashley and Heather of 'Figgy and Flax'.  While Ashley was busy with a shopper, I talked with Heather and got a few pictures.
How clever is this laundry room sign they created out of an old ironing board?!

I loved their silouette artwork which really added to the fall theme of the show.

It's delightful just to see how each vendor identifies themselves!
The Antique Gardener chose to set up a chalkboard on a chippy chair, surrounded by more chalkboards and pumpkins made from wine barrel rings.

The Rusty Clover hung their sign high, which drew your eye up to the birdhouses they created from salvaged materials. There were so many other great vendors, I couldn't take pictures of all of them, but you can see all came if you click here.

The fall "Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show" has come and gone.  If you missed it, you have another chance to catch up with some of these great vendors.  
Sandy is organizing a new show named "Noel Vintage Holiday Market" 
scheduled to be held Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17th at
 Beatnik Studios, 2421 17th Street, Sacramento
 I can't wait! So until then, I'm closing the door on this fall show and saying
"Au Revoir Mes Amis!" until we meet again!


  1. Thanks soooo much for capturing a great day for me and our Mes Amis friends and family! I love the story you wrote and the images you captured!! It means alot! Best - Sandy, The Olive and Rose (Mes Amis)

    1. Thank YOU for putting on a great show! I know how long it takes to organize and event such as this, and I speak for all your customers when I say "Tres Bien! Merci Mes Amis!!"


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