Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9.11 - A Memoir

About fifteen years ago we took our three sons on a trip to see the historical landmarks of our country.  We traveled to Washington DC and toured the capital building and the White House, pre-9-11, which was wonderful!  We were one of the last groups that ever got to see the Federal FBI building and the infamous 'gun room' which truly impressed the boys. We were fascinated as we walked the same tunnels all our past and present Presidents walked through, as they traveled between federal buildings. We saw Ted Kennedy talking to reporters on the Supreme Court stairs just 20 feet from us!  We were actually in the Capital building cafeteria, watching on closed circuit TV, the roll call vote on whether to impeach Clinton or not! It was amazing to witness the democratic process!

We headed up the interstate to Philadelphia and saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  Next we headed up to New York.  With three young sons we were on a budget and had to make a decision about which building we would go up to get a bird's eye view of NY - the Empire State Building or The World Trade Center. 

 The boys wanted to go up the Twin Towers, but at $14.00 a person, you guessed it - 
we went up the iconic Empire State Building instead 
which saved us enough money to buy dinner!

 Little did we know we would never get the chance to ride to the top of the World Trade Center to take in the view of the city, and our sons never will let us forget!

 We decided to buy a snow globe as a souvenir of our visit to New York that day.  
The snow globe has both the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center Twin Towers inside.  My husband packed in carefully in his luggage for the flight home.

 Watching the snow fall over the city inside was always so magical!  

None of us will ever forget that unbelievable morning or 
where we were when we first heard the tragic news.  

 I cherish my souvenir snow globe, in which the Twin Towers are still standing. 
How ironic is it that since 9-11, snow globes are not allowed on planes - we wouldn't even be able to get the snow globe home now! I'll always regret skipping the ride up to the top, but our boys got to walk through the tunnels in Washington DC 
that are no longer accessible to the public since the attack. 

 Since 9-11, I can not bear to shake the globe and see the snow falling around the towers.  All of us saw those images on TV that morning, and it wasn't snow that was falling.  

Let us celebrate our freedom today, and remember all who lost their lives on 9-11 and pray for those who fight so we can continue to be free.

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