Friday, September 21, 2012

Repurposed Bin!

My husband tries to act like he is interested in my 'pickins'!  When I got home from the Mes Amis Vintage Show this past Saturday he at least asked what I found. As I pulled this out to proudly show him,  he was about as excited as a hippo in the desert!
What could I possibly want with that old thing?!

Why couldn't he see the glory in my latest purchase?! I have plans for this!
What is it you ask?
Here's a clue!

You got it! It's the under storage bin from an old farm kitchen table!  Thanks so much to Anna Tichon from Found Vintage Rentals for letting me use this great picture!

The bin was used to store flour on one side and root vegetables,
 like potatoes and onions, on the other side.

Just look at the patina on this piece - you can't create this - 
a patina like this only happens over time . . .

Here's a close up of the underside -
If you only saw this close-up picture, you would wonder if this was bark from a tree . . .
or perhaps an aerial view of a landscape from 3,000 feet!

At a glance, the bin looks like a chunk of tree log! When I spy something like this, 
I wonder where it's been? Who used it? How long ago was it?
So many stories and visions come to mind!

But this bin is getting a new story!
 It's coming home to live in my space at Fabulous Finds as a display piece! 
Turned on it's side - it becomes a wonderful shelving unit!

 Once tossed away, but luckily discovered, it's now filled with cherished items!
A great display piece for fall and winter vignettes!


  1. Hi Susan! Great blog! I'm a self-taught decorator and I LOVE making something new out of things I find around the house. Found you on SITS btw!;-)) Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  2. I love this! This is amazing. Who doesn't love to repurpose furniture? I am a new follower from SITS!


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