Saturday, June 4, 2011

Before and After: Patio Table

Sometimes 'repurposing' just means "using in a different way" instead of "refinishing or redoing"! Try to think outside the box when creating your event tabletops.  Look around your home for things you can use to create different heights to create vertical interest as you design your buffet.  I recently had a bridal shower for my niece and had a dessert and drink buffet.  This patio table was the perfect diameter and height to sit atop my dining room table.
First, I centered a 54" black and white tablecloth over a 120" pink damask tablecloth on my dining room table and placed the patio table at one end.
I placed a crystal basket of flowers, gathered from my yard, on the table and surrounded it with crystal champagne flutes, wine stemware and some high ball glasses.  Crystal wine charms and a darling high heel bottle opener were also placed on the table.  My silver punchbowl was filled with champagne, wine, and pink lemonade bottles, topped off with ice and placed next to the glassware table.

Finally, I gathered the black tablecloth and loosely tied a bow with pink sparkle tulle for a finishing touch. Now the patio table is all dressed up and worthy of a bridal affair!


  1. How Elegant! Great idea - I have been using boxes under my table cloths and I always have to find them - this is so much easier!

  2. What a great idea! Looks like a beautiful shower!


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