Friday, May 6, 2011

Artist Spotlight : Doris Bell

Welcome to my first Artist Spotlight!  I know so many incredible artists and craftsmen who create amazing things and I'd like to introduce them to you, and show you their work. So at least once a month I will be spotlighting an artist whose creations I cherish.  I'm starting with the artists at Melange, my fellow vendors! 
Look closely into the mirror and you can see Doris's space at Melange!
Have you ever dropped a cherished piece of china and collected the broken pieces, thinking you would glue the piece back together again? Ever get around to it?  Next time, give the pieces to Doris and she will wow you with what she creates with them!  
Doris Bell creates gorgeous furniture, mirrors, planters, pots, with broken china and tile. 

This artform is known as "Pique Assiette".  Doris has been creating these wonderful, one of a kind Mosaic pieces, since 1995.  Doris told me "What draws me most to this Art is being able to take something that is old and many times discarded and giving it new life.  Bringing times past back to the present.  It is an Art form that adheres to almost any surface, and the creativity is endless and so rewarding."  
I have seen many pieces done by lots of artists, but none are more elegant than Doris' pieces.  Doris has a knack for picking just the right mosaic pieces and colors for each particular project - and like she says, no two pieces are the same.
One of a Kind Double Bed!
Detail of headboard center!
Doris offers one day workshops teaching the Art of Pique Assiette through Melange, in Historic Folsom.  The classes are smaller and more hands on,
allowing for your creativity.  Doris also teaches this wonderful Art form through the Learning Exchange off of Howe Ave in Sacramento. Doris organizes her classes by project.  For example, once she gets a group who are interested in making a birdhouse, she sets up a class!  
In each class, Doris gives tips to make your project aesthetically pleasing, and teaches how to use the proper tools and techniques.  Everyone who has taken Doris' class loves it and appreciates Doris' artwork even more, since they know all what is involved in creating a Pique Assiette piece.  Contact Doris directly for more information on her classes, 916-390-9597, or leave her a message by commenting below.  Doris' artwork can be seen and purchased at Melange, which is open Tuesday - Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm.  If you are in Historic Folsom stop by and see her beautiful work - it is something to behold and cherish!                                                                                                        


  1. These are beautiful pieces!

  2. Hello. Your Blog is lovely and the next time I visit Marysville, I would love to check out your space.
    I am trying to locate Doris Bell. I tried the # you gave on your site and it is apparently not current. I called Melange and they reported that Doris had move to Palm Springs. Do you happen to have her current #? Also, I am looking for anyone else who might teach a Piquet Assiette class... do you happen to know of anyone?
    Thanks so much.


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