Sunday, May 1, 2011

Strawberry Chickens!!

Yumm! Strawberry Season is upon us!  I stopped at a roadside stand yesterday to pick up some strawberries for the waffles I promised my son who was home for the weekend with his college friends.  They were just beautiful!  So I got up bright and early and started washing them when that weird shaped one on the top left of this picture caught my eye!
I gingerly picked it up out of the basket and as I turned it, I saw it! It was unbelievable! 
It was a little mother hen!  Just look at her eye, and her cute little beak and it looks as if she is sitting on her nest! So I began to wonder if there were any more foul strawberries so I began looking!
There were just three -a cute little family of Strawberry chickens!

Have you started looking at your strawberries now?  Let's see how many different things we can find in our spring strawberry baskets this year!  You have one week to leave a comment and post a picture and I'll pick one winner who'll receive a gift certificate for some chocolate dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries!  Good luck hunting! 


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  1. You are so funny!! Now I am going to be looking for animal shaped strawberries!


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