Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Before and After

 "Before and After" will be a weekly posting where I post pictures of my treasure hunting finds and how I repaint, restore, or repurpose them!  If you or someone you know is interested in any of the items posted, I can fix them up to your specs - color, fabric, etc. Just email me at or post a comment!
I picked up this vintage metal cabinet at an estate sale last week but it needed some work!  I love the detail along the top and the sliding doors make it perfect to use for bathroom storage - so I sanded it to get all the rust off and prep it for paint - then I sprayed three light layers of "powder blue paint" and . . .
Voila!!  A beautiful "powder blue" Powder room cabinet!  It is for sale and on display now at Melange!!
This bookcase is the perfect size for a child's room and I love the corner detail at the top corners! But with peeling paint and the back falling off it may not hold the books for long - so I sanded it all down,  repositioned the back, and then decided to put a fresh coat of paint on it - but what color?
Sweet Pink!!  Now it is ready for a little princess or home office and it is for sale at Melange!  Leave a comment or email me at if you are interested in any of the pieces I feature in "Before and After" - There is lots more coming - here's a sneak peek!    

Can you guess how I am going to make over any of the above items?  If so, post a comment or suggestion!  Are you or someone you know looking for any of these items?  I can redo any of these to your own specifications so email me - I'd like to make all of these something someone will cherish!!

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  1. I love before and afters! This is a great post. I will definitely be on the lookout now for interesting, but not so healthy pieces, knowing that you can mske them pretty again!


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