Monday, April 18, 2011

Wisteria Snow!

There is no surer sign of spring at my home then the wisteria in full bloom!  
As the gray winter skies slowly grow brighter each day, the buds grow fuller and lengthen.  First it is just one cluster, then two, growing exponentially each day.  
The skies threaten again and they clench tight.  
But then the sun comes out, and the buds swell in the warmth.  
 Like a balloon filling with air, fuller, fuller, fuller . . . 
until finally they pop!  It is if they explode like fireworks all in one day and the vine covering our pergola if front of the house becomes a wisteria canopy - 
perfect for relaxing under and dreaming of the sun filled days that lie ahead.
  And when the canopy is full, it beckons other living things like a candy jar beckons a child.  The bees swarm to it attracted by its perfume, a scent that envelops you as you gravitate under the canopy.  The birds sing in its branches, each picking a spot in its twisting, jumbled vines to build their nests.  
  But wait!  There is an intruder!  
Curiousity called the cat, Cade, to the canopy! 
He is a lion in the jungle, enjoying all a flutter!  
So much to see up there from the jays that squawk at their disapproval that he is there, to the bumbles to bat oh so carefully!  
As Cade moves across the canopy, the blossoms fall to the ground.  
The blooms don't last forever.  
 So predictable is the weather 
that coincides with the complete explosion of blooms, 
I know the winds will come with the final spring rain of the season, 
but this too, is something I cherish! 
As the winds blow, the snowstorm of petals fall, 
blanketing the patio furniture, cement, and grass with wisteria snow.  
And this - I know - is spring!

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