Monday, May 16, 2011

May Flowers

My First Spring Rose!
As the saying goes, April Showers bring May flowers, and this spring is no exception! We have had an unusually cool spring this year but my roses love it!  With the extra rain and the cool temperatures, the blooms just keep coming -
The form and rhythm of the callas are so sensual
The lilacs are showing their best bloom ever!
The snapdragons remind me of endless summer days, squeezing them and doing ventriloquists acts with my sisters!  So many make believe stories came out as they snapped and the tall stalks grew sparse with blooms!  Now I cherish those blooms and look at them and remember those times . . .
And the daisies!  How many hours went by as we plucked those petals and said "He loves me, he loves me not" - and how many times did we throw in the center when it ended with "He loves me not" just so it ended with "He loves me!"  And daisy chains - the challenge was to see how long we could make them - how I look forward to reliving these moments with grandchildren . . . someday . . .
The scent of our lavender rose is intoxicating at dusk!  I'll never forget my son picking just the right blooms and then taking them to the florist for her to make a corsage for his prom date who loved lavender roses!
And last but not least - the ceanothus!  Those freeway flowers whose first spring bloom rivals that of any flower!  The drought tolerant plant welcomes all who drive up to our property and this bush is next to our front patio under the pergola.  The blue puffy blooms burst open and I know the buzzing bees will quickly follow . . .
There's one now!  Unbelievable that my iphone can capture it's beauty so clearly!  I watch it for a while as it collects pollen and scurries from flower to flower - so busy!  Yes - Spring!  It has arrived!


  1. Such beautiful flowers!!! Mine are blooming as well...but with this stupidly cold weather, I cannot enjoy them :( When will it ever get warm?
    PS - I tried to post a comment to your previous post, but it never showed up....I'm not sure what went wrong :(

  2. Your flowers in the garden are just scrumptious! I can't believe you used your phone's camera to capture the bee lighting on the hydrangea- Good one! What do those creatures think we're up to? LOL
    I tried to respond directly to your e-mail, but you are set up as a "no reply blogger." Did you know this? You can change your settings in Blogger to allow comments to your mail. When I first started blogging, I was unaware that my settings were set to this until someone let me know. Hope this information will help. :-) Sue


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