Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before and After: Birdcage

I found this beautiful birdcage sitting all by itself in a corner at a Hospice Thrift Store - it is quite large and had definitely been lived in by a fine feathered friend as some areas were covered with evidence!
The Evidence!
Birdcages are great for decorating and they sell like hotcakes at Melange, and I had never seen such a well crafted aviary as this before so it came home with me, despite it missing one of it's caster wheels.

  While cleaning and scrubbing it down I noticed a label on it I hadn't seen before in my haste to grab this before another customer!  
 The label said "Designer Aviaries" so I looked it up online - Turns out this the Medium Designer Oak Aviary made by Designer Aviaries out of Grants, New Mexico, original purchase price $698.00!!  They have been making beautiful aviaries since 1988!  I HAD HIT THE JACKPOT! Whoo Hooo!
Now I HAD to keep it and I had this empty corner in my living room that was longing for companionship but would it fit? 
I brought it into the house and put it in the corner and it just fit and filled in the corner nicely, but the oak wood just blended into my caramel colored walls so i decided to paint it white
All Painted!
This birdcage could easily house a bird, it was complete with perches and even a pull out tray to clean the cage but I am not wild about the idea of having to clean up after a bird, and I love the idea of having some live plants in my living room so I decided it was about to become the home to my pothos and a fern or two!
I found a gray embossed footed pot and repotted my pothos - it was just the right scale for the top of the cage

My repotted my fern in a light robin's egg blue pot and placed it inside the cage, then added a sweet footed robin's egg blue ceramic bowl with a bird perched on the lid and placed it near the cage on my hearth.
I placed the cage on the stand in the corner - now the crisp white cage stands out against the colored walls!  The extra shelf at the bottom is a great home for the extra couch pillows, and the plants love living in this corner where the sunlight streams in.  
The plants got a little more light when I took the cage off the stand and put it directly on the hearth - hmmmm . . .which way should I leave it?  I'll live with it a while!   So the birdcage came from a lonely little corner in a hospice store to a new corner in my home filled with living things -  now I have to decide - leave the cage on the stand or place it directly on the hearth?  Can you help? 

Which do you like better - post a comment below and/or scroll past comment section and cast your vote to help me decide - just check one choice or the other and then click vote!  We'll see what everyone thinks! One thing I do know is that bringing life back to discarded things is something I cherish!

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  1. Very pretty!!! And I love the idea of putting plants in and on top of it! Very clever of you :) Well, here is my thought (for what it's worth...)I feel that with the stand, it is a bit too tall...and without the stand, it's a bit too short! Could you maybe put it on something that is not as tall as the stand? Kind of in between? But...really, it looks wonderful every which way :) Good find and it's great that you are giving it love once more :)


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