Friday, October 5, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Brent Taylor - Cabin Creek Log Furniture

 In the Eastern Sierras, a cabin sits among a small meadow with granite rocks while a cool, crisp creek cuts through the property.

Gathered tree poles stand at attention marking the perimeter.
The buzz of a sander is heard and there are numerous trees adorned with whimsical faces
to welcome you to Cabin Creek Log Furniture.  

 The setting couldn't be more perfect for Brent Taylor,
an artist who hand gathers wood to transform into sturdy home furniture.

Brent Taylor began making his sustainable furniture in 1987.  Inspired by the trees while hiking, he sees a headboard, a chair, a table - as he looks at the uniqueness of each log

 Brent hand gathers naturally fallen trees, such as these lodgepole pines from the Mammoth Lakes Basin, cleaning up the forest floors of debris which would otherwise rot.  He hauls the logs to a mill where he has the logs milled into slabs, leaving the bark intact.  Once milled, he hauls the tree planks back home to his workshop, where he cuts, pieces, sands and finishes each one of a kind piece. 

Brent's talent lies in picking out the perfect piece of wood for each project and then finishing it for comfort.  No two projects are alike, even when built to the same specifications, because no two trees are the same, which makes Brent Taylor's pieces highly collectible and sought after.  It may take Brent up to two months just to design, build, and finish one bed, making each creation truly a work of art.  Brent contours his chair seats for comfort - and they are incredibly comfortable!

When finished to Brent's high expectations, each piece is marked with a BT brand to signify a "Brent Taylor Original" - a piece to cherish!

Crafts and Art Shows are his primary market exposure as well as word of mouth and referrals, which keeps Brent busy throughout the year.  

  If you attend Mule Days in Bishop, CA or any of the Arts and Crafts Fairs held in Mammoth Lakes, CA.(check for show dates) look for the Cabin Creek Furniture sign - a routered slab of wood that sits atop his display. 

Ask Brent about any of his pieces and he will tell you what kind of wood it is and point out the special qualities of each.  Here is a bench he fashioned out of Aspen and Pine.

  After a recent trip to Oregon, Brent started creating smaller decorative pieces which are perfect for those who appreciate Brent's work but are traveling.

At Arts and Crafts Fairs he generally sells lots of smaller pieces like coat racks,

 shelves, signs, frames, and mirrors. . .

 but people see his larger pieces for sale on display . . .

  and commission him to create beds, dining room tables and chairs, coffee tables,

 bar stools,

 and other built-ins for their homes. What sets Brett's pieces apart from other log furniture is the super smooth finishes and his creative use of form and texture.

If you are lucky enough to find him at one of these shows,
 check out his portfolio to see his quality installations. . .

 such as stair rails,

 bars and moldings in client's homes, offices, cabins and rental properties.
Cabin Creek Furniture is a prefect fit for all types of decor
from Ralph Lauren to Pottery Barn and West Elm.

Brent's wife, Missy, is an interior designer, and the two have collaborated on several projects.  This kitchen showcases Brent's work creating these counters and bar stools.

Brent is usually busy at home in his wood shop with sawdust billowing around him, or on a job site doing an installation, such as this fireplace.

 You can contact Brent at 760-387-2194 or email  Always leave a message because with saws and sanders, it is not easy to hear the phone!  Show season is starting soon and keeps him very busy with shows Thanksgiving week, 10 days between Christmas through New Years, and President's Day weekend - all in Mammoth Lakes at the Minaret Mall Winter Festival These indoor shows make it possible for Brent to showcase his work during the snowy winter months. 

Cabin Creek Log Furniture is perfect for rustic, shabby, or urban farmhouse interiors or any place sturdy, custom furniture, which will appreciate in value over the years, is needed. 
Custom designs, custom made, custom installations - 
Brent and his Cabin Creek Log Furniture 
is beautifully "Taylor" made especially for you!

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