Monday, October 15, 2012

Ireland's Rustic Lodges, Oregon

The 'luck of the Irish' was with us on our Oregon Road trip this past summer as we cruised along the Oregon coast with no reservations - we found a gem in Ireland's Rustic Lodges!

As Mike drove, I looked up hotels on the internet, looking for good or great ratings on Yelp. The Ireland's Rustic Lodges had great reviews* and as we pulled up to the hotel, we sighed in relief at the 'vacancy' sign.

The grounds were well kept and lush green, much like what you would expect of  'the Emerald isle' but with redwoods you knew you were not in Ireland!  The Ireland's Rustic Lodges have various rooms and suites with lovely names like "The Sequoia" and "The Monterey".  

We picked "The Pacific Breeze" since it sounded relaxing, got the key, drove through the meticulously kept grounds, parked and unlocked the door to our suite.

Warm wood paneling throughout the interior, we felt immediately relaxed.  After setting our suitcases down, we walked over to the window and opened the curtains to a gorgeous view of the sea!

It was warm or we would have lit the logs in our fireplace - a welcomed ammenity in the cold winters along the coast I am sure!

Those bottles of wine we had picked out in St. Helena were opened quickly as we settled in on our own private balcony listening to the surf in the distance, smelling the pine in the air.

 The gorgeous sunset view from our room was something we cherished!

A buffet breakfast awaited us in the morning after which,we took a stroll along the beach.

 The Ireland's Rustic Lodges are located along Oregon's Gold Beach, given the name for being the sunniest beach in all of Oregon!

 Beautiful views from all 360 degrees can be seen from the private lighthouse on the property!

 A tradition of those staying at the Ireland's Rustic Lodges is to find a rock on the beach and paint it with your name, and leave it at the base of the lighthouse for all eternity.

Looking down at the foot of the lighthouse we saw brightly painted rocks - lots of them!

The painted rocks chronicle honeymoons, anniversaries, engagements, summer trips, and romantic get-aways to name a few!  The rocks dot the verdant landscaping all around the Lodges' grounds.  Generations of visitors left their mark, no doubt venturing back to find their 'family rock' on subsequent trips!

*While we were packing to leave I was reading the hotel's check out procedure and I noticed another framed message on the wall.  Evidently, a hotel competitor was trying to bring havoc to the Ireland's Rustic Lodges and shut them down.  As we looked for hotels, we saw great reviews and then some horrible reviews and we couldn't understand how a place could be so different so we thought we'd check it out! Now we knew why!  The competitor is posting rude and untrue remarks on Yelp and Yahoo and other internet sites about the cleanliness of the hotel and telling potential visitors that is is in poor condition, trying to get the Lodges to close down so they can buy the property and put up a mega hotel, which would completely ruin the charm of Ireland's Rustic Lodges!  The message was from the third generation owners who explained their dilemma and asked that visitors spread their story in support. 

So this post is to let you all know all the negative reviews of this hotel are completely false and do not believe them!! The Ireland's Rustic Lodges are indeed excellent accommodations as we experienced, beautifully maintained. clean, friendly and absolutely an escape! The Ireland's Rustic Lodges are a premier destination as written about in Frommer's Books as well! If you ever need a place to stay along the Oregon coast we recommend it with five stars and hope and pray it will be there the next time we return, so we can leave our painted rock!

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