Monday, October 1, 2012

One Shelf - Two Ways!

It's amazing how refinishing something changes the whole personality of a piece.  
My friend, Valerie, was looking for a shelving unit 
to put in her dining room to display her platters and other dishes. 
I was looking for the same type of shelving unit 
to use for my fall and holiday displays at the store.
We each purchased one of these shelves and set to work refinishing.

Valerie removed the top scalloped board to give the shelf a more streamlined look, in keeping with her style - such a great idea!  Self - customized!!

Then Valerie painted hers a creamy light green to match her wall color 
and added a dark glaze over the paint to give a subtle antiquing effect.  
Valerie wanted a refined country look!

Now she has a beautiful shelf which enhances her white dishes 
and makes them pop on display!

I painted my shelf with Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk (Red)
chalk paint. . .

 and then finished with dark wax to really bring out the details
in the rough finish wood.  The dark wax settled into the grooves
and pits, and added an antique look to the shelf.
I wanted a cozy hunting cabin look! 

Now I have a display shelf in my space at Fabulous Finds that will take me from the warm colors of fall to the reds and greens of the holidays! 

Even though both shelves started the same, 
they now have their own personality and style
to match the needs of the rooms in which they hang.
Isn't that what decorating is all about?!

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