Monday, November 5, 2012

"Cherish" Room - Day One!

After four months at Fabulous Finds, I am ready for some more space!  I'm inviting you on my journey of creating my 'Cherish' room, with daily blog posts for a few days documenting my room makeover! First, let's take a quick tour of the room to be transformed!

This bright green room was formerly the 'Kid's Room'.  There was a huge air hockey table in it that just sold, an enormous cubby unit if anyone is looking for a great storage piece for kids and there are still numerous collector's dolls and toys to be sold - at a great price! Come by the store and check them out! Although the green was perfect for kids, it was the first thing that was going to have to go! A little too 'electric' for what I was planning!

This space has one extremely high wall, a couple of angled corners, an open ceiling with a bar running at an angle . . .

and two windows in one wall which look into the main sales area.

I went to the paint stores in search of a good neutral color - not too dark but dark enough to show off all the furniture I paint white!  Looking through mountains of paint chips there was no color that I liked more than the color I used to have on the walls in my space at Melange when I was there, so I decided to go to Restoration Hardware and check out 'Silver Sage' - a kind of gray-blue-green!

That's it in the bottom right hand corner!  With paint chip in hand, I went to the nearest Lowe's and had the nice guy at the counter color match the paint swatch - not sure it saved me that much money since I had to buy premium paint in order to cover the lime green!  But at least I got it in eggshell finish - not a choice at Restoration!

The floors are cement, with a kind of gripper texture on them - kind of a nightmare since they 'grip' dirt!  I swept the floors and around the baseboard areas to get rid of anything that may drift onto the wet paint.  Then mopped up as much of the grime as I could get!

The floor looked pretty good so I started painting the walls around the edges - wherever the paint roller would miss - nooks and crannies and corners!

 Each time I reloaded my paint roller, I also swished the mop head over the floors thinking the wet would loosen some of the year old dirt.  I think I got it as clean as it was going to get - but I kept the wet mop handy for any paint drips!

 Then I proceeded to the walls - I was doing great but the six foot ladder I had was not tall enough to reach all the way to the top corners of that gigantic wall!  I finished painting over all the green and arranged to pick up an 8 foot ladder tomorrow! After washing out all the brushes, I thought 'Why didn't I check the height of the room before I started?!' Oh well! Lesson learned - you only have to wash out the brushes and rollers once if you've done your homework! See you tomorrow after day two - finish painting and  . . .


  1. Great job susan, can't wait to see it when your done, if you have a chance melange is having their holiday shop hop, I will be there Saturday and would love to see you. Miss you JJ

  2. I was scrolling through my feed of favorite blogs and I saw that green wall and I was like..."Hey that looks familiar!" Great Job Susan! Cant wait to see how you transform the room with your fun style and unique finds.


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