Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Close ups - revealed!

On Day Six of working on my "Cherish" room, I had some setbacks, one of which was my laptop going completely blank! So I did a quick post of some close-ups of items I have for sell this holiday season. Let's see how many you guessed correctly!

These large chamber bells have a wonderful ring!

Cast iron pine cone lanterns come in three sizes and use tea lights!

This was probably the easiest close-up to guess!

 Metal ornament tree about 30 " tall

This is a vintage Lefton Snowball Kissing Bell!

 German glitter glass wreath with feather dove ornament

These large zinc lanterns would be perfect to anchor a tablescape

 Vintage California Art Pottery!

Vintage "crystal" acrylic tray

Gorgeous vintage paint by number!

Vintage rubber deer - still trying to decide if I really want to sell these!

Hope you guessed right!  Message or email me if you are interested in any of these items - Most will be available at my next show - The 2nd Annual Trashy Tinsel Holiday Hoedown!

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