Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Cherish" Room - Day Two!

 Yesterday, I couldn't finish painting because I couldn't reach up to the area where the ceiling meets the highest wall in the room. It must be a 14 ft high ceiling because I was on a 6 foot ladder, I'm 5'8" tall and I just couldn't reach it with a brush to cut it in!   Well, I could if I stood on the very top, but there was nothing to hold on to and I was getting the heebie-jeebies! Luckily, Stacy, the owner, contacted her parents, and I picked up an 8 foot ladder this morning on the way to the store.

This was the problem - this area where the wall meets the ceiling!  Notice the green over spray on the white 'cottage cheese' ceiling! THAT was so much fun to cover - note the sarcasm!

And now here is what it looks like after about three coats of white and the corners painted!

Here is the room now that the entire paint job is dry - quite different than yesterday's green!  Finished off and on while working my shift - I definitely got my exercise going up and down those ladders all morning!

As soon as I got done with my shift I raced home to get some painting done.   I started with these huge letters - 24" tall but light being made of paper mache.  You'll see why I need them in tomorrow's post!  The easiest way to paint these is to do all the inside edges and sides first.  By the time you finish the sides will be dry enough to lay the letters down and then you can paint the tops without the letters sticking to whatever you are painting on!

Next I got started on this little round table since I wanted to bring it in for the room display as soon as I could.  It's short like a coffee table so I turned it on it's side for you to see the chunky pedestal and feet!

The top of this table was well worn!  I bought it at an estate sale and the lady almost didn't sell it to me saying it was part of her family's history. After we got to talking, I learned that this table, along with two square tables with about the same dimensions and height, were 'dancers' tables!! I prefer to think of them as "go-go dancer tables" rather than "strippers"!!

By the end of the day, this table had 'cleaned up' nicely!
At least I'll have a good story to tell to whoever purchases it!

Tomorrow, the letters, this table, and my collection of frames are going up to my new space along with some other surprises! Stay tuned!

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