Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patricks Day Tablescape

St. Patrick's Day has always held a special place in my heart due to my Irish Grandmothers! My Grandma Hey Hey, short for Helen, an endearing name given when we were young to distinguish our redheaded grandma from the others, always loved to entertain at our beach house in Malibu. I inherited her fair skin and red hair, thus everyone knows I am at least part Irish!! My husband's Grandmother, also was of Irish decent, and Grandma Alice also loved having the family over for dinner. So with a family tree with surnames of McCauley, Mulligan, and Cowan, my three boys embraced the fact that blarney was in their blood! We cook a delicious new england boiled dinner every year for St. Patrick's Day with our "secret sauce" added to our corned beef that makes it a family favorite. This year, our St. Patrick's Day table resembled Emerald City with all the green glass! A special touch added this year was a yummy Irish Cream Shamrock made of Dark Chocolate from Woodhouse Chocolates in St. Helena, California. These little jewels were the perfect touch to top off the meal!


  1. Congratulations, Susan, on your new blog!!! I am so excited to read all your upcoming posts! I love this kind of stuff - it is right up my alley :) Thanks for including my site on your blogroll! I will now add your new site to mine, too!!! So exciting - congratulations!!!

  2. Just Darling Susan. Love your St. Patricks Day setting.. TOo Cute...


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