Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun 4th of July Cupcakes!

Looking for something new for dessert to surprise your 4th of July guests? Here's a easy, fun, quick idea! Remember those Pop Rocks candies you would eat straight from the little envelope that came in, that exploded in your mouth?

How about using them for your "sprinkle" decorations on some cupcakes? 
Just bake some cupcakes . . 

Frost them with your favorite frosting and put in the refrigerator 
or set them aside until ready to serve.

Then right before serving - sprinkle the "pop rock candies" on to the top of each cupcake . . .

. . . add an American Flag pick to each cupcake and serve!  

 Your guests will get a mini-explosion in their mouths with each bite!  Pop Rocks come in many different flavors which are different colors.  I used Cherry flavored here so I had red sprinkles.  Some of the pop rock candies will pop right when you put them on the frosting so the 'sizzle'  and the 'popping explosion' both add to the fun of the 4th! 
Enjoy and Happy Fourth of July!


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