Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update: News about my cow!

Just a quick update on my cherished cow I named "Rhoda"!
(If you need to catch up read about her here!)
My friend Laura, who is quite a bit younger than me, saw my cow in my house when she stopped by the other day and was so excited!
She told me she had one when she was little and she remembered everything about it, 
saying it was one of her favorites!  

"Rhoda" is actually "Milky, the Marvelous Milking Cow", 
a children's toy made by Kenner in 1977.  Milky was talented indeed!  If you pushed her head down and then pumped her tail, her head would eventually pop up, she would moo, and then you could milk her! Yes, this cow originally had an udder!  The toy came with little tablets that you put in water to make 'fake milk' and you could actually 'milk' the cow!

The best part about learning more about my cow was I found an original TV ad on YouTube for the toy!  The ad is titled "1970's Worst Toy Ever Made #1"!  Check it out!
Click on picture to watch it!
Hope you enjoyed it!
I'm still calling my cow "Rhoda" - I'll explain soon is a future post!

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  1. Amazing story! I love that your friend knew about this toy and that you found the original TV ad. Gotta love YouTube!


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