Monday, September 10, 2012

My Cow, Rhoda

We locked eyes from about twenty feet across a floor at an antique mall.  
The beauty of her ebony and cream pattern beckoned me to come closer.

I could almost hear the little bell suspended around her neck ringing, calling me to her!
One look at the perfect conformation of her Holstein hind quarters said "Grand Champion"!
And so talented! She could move her head up and down, her horns could rotate and her tail could lift - where had she come from?
Her underside provided a clue - the cog under her belly and the holes in her hooves told me she may have been the star of a point of purchase display, with perhaps a motor driving her animation from a stand she freed herself from many years ago.
It was love at first sight and I
 brought her home. 
 Her name is Rhoda and she's very glad to meet you!


  1. Howdy,
    I have one of these.....I have the udder as well. Supposedly it moos when you lift the tail....
    Do you know any more about it....? or Facebook

    Thank you.

  2. Howdy,
    I have one of these, do you know any more about it. I am about ready to take it apart to see what is in there. I suppose it moos too since I can see a bellows type of thingy in there.....

    Thanks, Great find, by the way.
    Dorman Nelson

    1. HI Dorman! Thanks for your comments! I actually do have some news about our wonderful cows! A friend of mine, Laura stopped by the other day and saw my "Rhoda" cow - Laura was shocked! She said, "Oh wow! I had one of those cows when I was growing up!" She told me it was called "Milky, The Marvelous Milking Cow" and said that you push the head down, then pump the tail and then when the head popped back up it would moo, and you could then milk the cow! I looked it up on the internet and sure enough it was made by Kenner in 1977. There were little white tablets you could put in the udder that made water milky white. you are lucky yours still has the udder! If you want to get a good laugh, check out this old TV ad I found on You Tube
      It is hilarious! Enjoy your 'Milky' - I'm going to continue to call mine Rhoda - I'll explain soon in a future post!


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