Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage

Just 7 miles off Interstate 5 and south of Salem, Oregon, is the quaint little town of Aurora, with a giant barn full of treasures!
Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage is a Picker's Paradise! 

I happened upon this jewel about 12 years ago by accident. A friend and I were on a road trip and were looking for fresh marion berries, when we spotted a roadside sign and pulled off the road to find the berry stand. The road twisted around, we bought our berries and then we had to try to figure out how to get back to the Interstate and ran right into the town of Aurora and a neat barn that looked intriguing.
I thought it was wonderful back then, with its piles of salvaged windows and doors, and I've been dying to make a return trip!

Owner Mike Byrnes, has in the ten years since my first visit, taken the barn from picker's piles to a beautiful, well organized showroom, without losing the original character and intrigue of searching among the barn's contents for incredible finds. 
I was in search of vintage knobs and the multiple cases lined with the knobs looked like precious gems under the glass.
Inside this vast structure, some rooms look like a Hollywood prop shop!
Anyone trying to restore an old house can find everything they need here! 
Gates and Fencing

Stained glass windows

Pressed tin ceiling panels and accent pieces

Porcelain tubs, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures,                                                                           
including towel bars in green glass, crystal, porcelain, you name it!

 Mantels, spandrels, bannisters and more, oh my!

There are found numbers and letters galore!

Mike carries all sorts of vintage lighting fixtures and has the vintage bulbs as well.

  Interior designers specializing in the urban farm feel would have a hey day here!

Or how about Industrial Chic?!

There is one huge industrial shelving unit filled with vintage locker baskets of  hardware; hinges, latches, knobs, etc.  I found some wonderful knobs here that I needed - more about that on another post!

 Set your GPS to 14971 1st Street NE, Aurora, Oregon now, and plan to stop by Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage if you find yourself on Interstate 5 in Oregon.  

 The town of Aurora also boasts a large concentration of little antique stores, which are homes to cafes, and one even has a gelato counter, so there is plenty of grub to sustain your pickin'!  I could easily spend a whole day in the "Mill" and another searching for antiques so this would be a great weekend destination depending on where you live. 

When you get to the Woodburn Factory Stores just off I-5, travel the short 7 miles east to the real treasures in Aurora!  If travel is not in your plans, then visit the "Mills" website here and start dreaming as you surf through the images of stock on hand. 
 I wish Mike continued success and look forward to my next visit to Aurora Mills - 
a place to cherish!


  1. I may have to stop next month!

    1. Do it! You won't be disappointed! Please tell Mike you read about his place here - he'll be happy he agreed to pose for a picture!

  2. Wow! This place looks amazing!!!! I will have to convince Mark to take a roadtrip up there one of these days! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It's not far from Portland - If Melissa and her friends like to go "Pickin'" Aurora is a great place!


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