Thursday, August 18, 2011

Truckers Road Trip!

Yesterday we started our "truckers road trip"! My husband and I decided to take a road trip from Sacramento, California to Springfield, Illinois to pick up some rubber tracks he bought for our rice harvester from a fellow rice farmer. The trip is 4,000 miles total! We are driving a Ford 250 and are towing a trailer. Crazy right?!
When he told me he found some tracks in Illinois and he was going to hire a trucker to bring them back to California my mind started racing! I love to treasure hunt so I started thinking that if we went to pick up the tracks, I could shop along the way AND we would have to bring the tracks back on a large trailer so if I uncovered a large find, I could load it on the trailer! So I made my proposal, "Mike, what if we went back to pick them up? We haven't had a vacation yet this summer and I have never seen the midwest."  Well, I think Mike knew where I was heading because he responded, ". . . and you could shop along the way!". He was so thinking like I was! I love when that happens.
As we planned the trip, we tried to think of every scenario we may come across, including weather. Farmers are always thinking about weather - which is a good thing in this case because Mike thought about what may happen to my found treasures on the trailer if it started raining. After checking into storage pods and seeing the rental price, Mike decided to build me a "treasure box" to go on the trailer.
Here it is! It is 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet - he must have thought I would find some big pieces so I am crossing my fingers! 
 The box should protect my finds from weather and secure them wherever we end up spending the night.
We plan on heading south down CA Interstate 5 and the heading over to Highway 58 and then hook up with the old "Route 66" Interstate 40 the next few days, going through Kingman, Arizona and then heading towards Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
 So follow along as we travel cross country and if you live along our route, be sure to leave a comment and maybe we can meet up!   Or, if any of you know a great treasure hunting spot, great restaurant since we are foodies, or shabby chic shop I can visit along the way let me know!  So what do you think the chances are of me filling my "treasure box" up?! I'll keep you posted!!


  1. You are too much!!! This is great :) And your husband is a SAINT :) I love it!!! Good luck treasure hunting and I hope you make some great finds. If you happen upon someone who makes wrought iron along the way, pass on his info to me. Have fun and safe travels!!


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