Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Lacey C Photography

 What is it about babies?  Capturing their little expressions before they grow up is so important!  And they grow so fast!  This beautiful photograph was taken by Lacey Carney, of Lacey C Photography.

 Lacey was one of the creative forces behind the "Vintage Baby Shower" I blogged about last month.   Not only can she dream up beautiful and purposeful vignettes like you saw at the vintage baby shower, she is also a great photographer!

Lacey loves to photograph people at all stages of life, and uses nontraditional staging techniques to 'tell a story' about her subjects.  Here is an example of one of her high school senior portraits.  I love the way she found a backdrop that was so expressive and had her subject dress in like colors - a great portrait of an artistic young lady!  

This endearing engagement shot tells the story of a young country couple.  When I asked Lacey how she got into photography she said, "I've always loved creating and tried all different art forms. . . none I was ever really good at.  After my second child and had the yearning to be creative while capturing memories, I realized that this was something I loved and wanted to do more of.  It just exploded from there!"

One of the things Lacey likes best about her job is getting to know her subjects and forming a bond with them, making them comfortable in front of the camera.  The time she spends with her clients is so important to her, helping her learn subtle nuances about each person which she tries to capture in each picture, that tell a little more about them.  

This photograph really communicates a "fun couple" - the oversize balloons and the groom's tennis shoes are both clues to the fun-loving relationship this couple has.

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!"  Lacey LOVES to photograph babies!  Because she develops such a rapport with her clients, they ask her to come back again and again for all of life's cherished milestones!
The shenanigans that these boys get into is translated through this image!  Lacey loves that her job is flexible enough that she can be a full time mom but isn't so fond of the late night editing sessions she endures as part of that flexibility.  She also loves that her job allows her to travel.  Lacey lives in Gridley, a small Northern California town, but has photographed clients all around the western United States. My niece, Sara, just had Lacey photograph her new son and said, "Lacey just puts you at ease right away.  She takes time to set up her shots and she is probably one of the most creative people I have ever met!"

Family is something Lacey cherishes and she loves to document growing families on film as well.  Her family was probably the biggest influence on her making her passion her business.  She told me her whole family are artist in some form or another so it made her "dig deep to find what I enjoyed and was good at".  Her mother and aunt owned a photography business and she said that watching them made her realize she could do it.

 To see more of Lacey's work, check out Lacey's website and blog here.   You can contact her through the website as well.  As time goes by, it our memories we cherish most, and with photographs like this to capture those memories we can be transported back to that moment in time.  Lacey has been in business for three years and she loves to photograph people but does venture out to other subjects as well.  When I asked her what the funniest thing that ever happened on a photoshoot she replied, "I just did a newborn photoshoot.  The little guy projectile poo-poo'd on me.  All you can do is laugh in that situation!"  I wish Lacey continued success documenting life - and the people we cherish who live it!

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