Sunday, August 26, 2012

Detours in Life!

Life has a way of creating detours day to day.  I've been on sort of a detour since January!  With my husband undergoing major back surgery, which involved installing two rods on either side of his spine and twenty screws, I've had a little readjustment in my daily life! 

Mike is doing great and I have a new found appreciation of all the daily chores he did before surgery which I've inherited over the last six months!  Remembering to take the trash out on trash day has become a major focus for me on Wednesday nights!  God forbid we miss trash day - we only have one toter and sometimes it just isn't enough!
On top of major surgery, we've also been busy creating a new home for my mother in law!  There was finishing the building of the new home, cleaning out the old home, moving all the stuff to the new home, disposing of debris on the property and now selling the old home, and getting her boxes unpacked at the new home! Whew! 

 We make a living by rice farming, so despite major surgery and moving my mother in law,
 the crop still had to get in the ground!  Our eldest son, Max, was offered a leave of 
absence by American Airlines where he is a pilot, while they go through bankruptcy 
structuring,  and it came at a perfect time for him to help on the farm during Mike's 

With all the bumps in the road, it was hard for me to get out to Melange, the store in Historic Folsom where I rented a space to sell my treasures.  I was able to find a new space to rent, in a store in Marysville, a short 15 minutes from my home. So between 
nursing my husband, moving my mother-in-law, and farming rice, I managed to relocate 
as well! 

If you find yourself in Marysville, CA come on by Fabulous Finds, 506 D Street in Historic Marysville - I'm in the "Boutique" room!  I adore my new space as it has a used brick wall
 that adds to the 'shabby chic' feel!

I have so much to catch you up on!  Before and after furniture projects, new artists and crafters, and new stores I want to feature!  I've missed blogging and telling you about the amazing creations and talented people I've come across in the last six months!  I feel so blessed by all the community members who have helped us out during this time.  Detours happen in life - but sometimes you need to go down a different road to appreciate all you have, and I am truly blessed!

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